Paddle Evasion Martinique invites you to discover and practice a new form of sliding, fun and friendly. Stand up Paddle (SUP).

Stand up paddle, propelled by a paddle allows you to slide while standing on the water, to walk around, to discover the Anses of Martinique and the West Indies with another vision.

Stand Up Paddle is:

- easy :

Accessible to all, small, big, men, women, of any age !!! The stand up paddle allows you by its length and its width a maximum stability, in 5 minutes once the equilibrium found it will allow you to walk in a very pleasant way on a flat water without waves nor chop.

- playful :

Stand-up paddling explores several areas:

  • Sensation: Balance, displacement, sliding, surfing.

  • Exploration: The nautical hike, the discovery of the various beaches, the association with beautiful dives, turtles, tropical fish !!! What happiness !!!

  • Performance: The sporty aspect of the stand up paddle, the race, the competition, the result.

  • The game: It allows fun and combines easily with swimming (especially early !!!)

- athletic :

Stand up paddle boosts cardio and makes endurance work. It strengthens the muscles of the back and shoulders. He sculpts the glutes and tones the legs. He draws the waist and the abs.

- family :

You can practice your children from 5/6 years, from 10 years they can follow adults alone on their board, you can stand up paddle in tandem with your children during your family outings.

- Zen :

You will practice the stand up paddle in the lagoons, the mangroves, at sea, rather in the morning or at the end of the day, you will be bathed in the calm and the beauty of the nature, the local vegetation, you will leave your relaxed session, happy and the head emptied of all worries.


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Today, the practice of Stand Up Paddling is divided into 3 major disciplines.


- the « Cruising » :
ride over great distances


- the Surf :
Rowing and sliding on waves or swell


- the Windsurf : 
a built-in mast rail makes it possible to use a rig to raise the waves and then return to surf.


The STAND UP PADDLE is a great sport, easy access, fun, it provides a lot of fun both in waves and on the flat.
It is practiced between friends or family, on all kinds of bodies of water.
This is the ideal way to maintain your physical condition, without neglecting Fun and Conviviality ... ..

So good glide to you all !!!! Paddle – Evasion - Martinique

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