Wingsurf, the new trend in sliding sports, the mix between Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sup & Surf.

This hybrid sail between Windsurf rigging and Kitesurf wing is very intuitive, some notions of positioning in relation to the wind and discover the pleasures of navigation on this new concept that is the Wing.

It embodies the birth of a new generation of sliding sports with an emphasis on freedom of movement and simplicity.

Accessible, the Wingsurf is suitable for all audiences, beginner in Wingsup (practical on a Sup board) & advanced in Wingfoil (practical on a Sup Foil board).


The Wingsup

It’s the perfect way to learn how to use the wind easily

The idea is to Slide for: Go, Turn and Return!! At the starting point
The goal being the handling of the wing. Propulsion, Steering & Maneuvers.
We favour a large and stable board for a max Equilibre!!    

It is strongly advised to be supervised by a qualified instructor to teach you these basics and to re-locate you in case of almost compulsory drift!!. 


X1               X3          

80 €            225 €      

Rent 1 hour 45 €

Framing + Material. 


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The Wingfoil

Techniques and controlled wing/wind handling, it is time to look at the Balance in Wingfoil and discover the sensation of flying.

It is clear that the Kitesurfer, Windsurfer, Surfer, Paddler, Skater ... will have facilities concerning the balance in Wingfoil, cushions are still necessary to take off the foil and master its plate and its trajectories. The Foiler, on the other hand, will find its way very quickly once the sail has been mastered!

Don’t panic! We said it was accessible to everyone, everyone will have the right to his fall, let us say it!!

Paddle Evasion offers you private lessons to be as close to your expectations and your success.

Graduate instructor, boat coaching (safety, communication...).

Possibility Supfoil towed.

Our Rates and Packages: Lesson 1h 
X1         X3         
80 €      225€     
Rent 1hour : 50 € 
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The great strength of the Wingfoil, is to give the feeling of being closest to the elements. This discipline plunges us into the heart of the latter and gives the impression of mastering the forces of the wind in your hands in order to slide on the water. And this is where this sport is totally enjoyable and addictive.



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